Loving God, his people and our community

Dunfermline Free Church was set up in 2002 as a church plant by Kirkcaldy Free Church and has grown steadily in numbers.

As a congregation we belong to the Free Church of Scotland, an evangelical, reformed, presbyterian church. It is Bible-based, Christ-centred and committed to outreach and mission.

We know we’re in the right place! We may not have a traditional church building but we are in the centre of a new and fast-growing community. The church is situated in Masterton, an area that has undergone constant expansion since 1999, growing eastward towards the M90 corridor.

Guitar Preach

We are delighted to be meeting every Sunday morning in the new Masterton Primary School on Aberdour Road. The school allows plenty of space for worship, Sunday School and creche and there are tea and coffee facilities (at the end of the service).

The morning service is structured but simple and informal and we’re a friendly lot! We sing psalms (unaccompanied and often in harmony), hymns and contemporary songs (guitar and backing tracks) and the service is focused around a ‘preach’ which looks at a Bible verse or passage. The children leave for Sunday School after the first part of the service and race back at the end of the service to be first in the queue for the chocolate biscuits and orange squash!

Our evening service is held in the café area of East Church and seating is around small tables, allowing for preaching and discussion in small groups. Everyone is welcome.

Meet some of the church …



(left) Pastor Jeremy Ross and his wife Fiona and (right) our elder John Morrison and his wife Mairead. They’re here to serve!









(left) Dougie Lynn and Donald Smith are our deacons – they look after a lot of the practical ‘stuff’ that happens. (right) We love it, that we have a diverse mix of folks that come. We look forward to meeting you too!