Loving God, his people and our community

Where we are

We meet in Masterton Primary School, Aberdour Road, Dunfermline, KH11 8HY at 11am each Sunday.

About our neighbourhood

We are a young and growing church in a rapidly changing area of Dunfermline, where housing development is planned to continue until 2022 and major developments include the creation of Dunfermline’s Duloch and Masterton neighbourhoods.

The expansion has seen the town’s population rise dramatically, so if you are planning on moving to the area, or are just visiting we would love to welcome you to our neighbourhood.

Masterton Primary School

Masterton is a great venue for our church. It isn’t usually this snowy(!), there are plenty of places to park and we’re able to make use of the school’s library and art areas for our Sunday kids’ activities.