Loving God, his people and our community

Sermons by Tom Penman

Romans 14 Unity in the family of God

Small problems can cause massive damage. Paul talks about the issue in this passage. People from Jewish and Gentile backgrounds with a debit of love to each other. Then they come across a roadblock that affects their unity, over meat, the religious calendar and whether it was acceptable for them to drink wine.  

Romans 12:21 Genuine love

We may look round and see signs of a society hostile to Christianity and Christians. The bible tells us it was the same in Jesus’ day. We are still called to love deeply and radically in an unloving world even when there is a temptation to pay back evil for evil. Love hates what is […]

Matthew 6:1-18 Be authentic

How public is your faith? On social media, people present their lives as happy and perfect. In private, their lives are more complicated; perhaps they are even struggling. As Christians our lives should be ‘what you see is what you get’. We should not care how we look to the rest of the world. We […]

Genesis 3 Lovingly expelled

Even though we have read the account of the Garden of Eden many times, God still speaks through his word in new ways. This passage is shot through with both judgement and grace. It also shows costly love. We can begin to see the expulsion of Adam and Eve is actually an act of love.