Loving God, his people and our community

Journey through Acts

Acts 27-28 Who’s in charge?

Our study in the Book of Acts draws to a close this week. Our pastor, Jeremy, guides us through the last two chapters and looks back at what we have learned from studying this book of the Bible. Paul is at the end of a long, difficult journey, from the ascension of Jesus in Jerusalem to Rome 20 years […]

Acts 20 The Church

Pastor Jeremy Ross looks at this passage to examine the way the church grew and developed. We want the church in Dunfermline to grow spiritually and in number because we love people and family and friends. In this passage, Paul urges the overseers to keep watch over themselves and the flock. We also see that the church […]

Acts 17 Communicating the gospel

Continuing our series in Acts, Paul takes the gospel to the Thessalonians, the Bereans and to the Athenians. He uses different ways to connect with people, visiting the synagogue to reason from the scriptures, showing compassion and proclaiming the gospel wherever he goes to the glory of God.  He goes out in obedience to tell people […]

Acts 15 By grace

The church in this passage is about 15 years old, since the ascension of Jesus Christ. Paul has been a Christian for about 6 years. The church has got a story to tell and they have good and bad days. They speak and people believe but the Jews were being legalistic and teaching the Greeks […]

Acts 10 The growing church

This passage describes the continuing work of Jesus Christ building his church, a church planted and growing throughout Asia. As God opens and closes doors in Dunfermline Free Church and as thousands of Syrian refugees head to the UK and to Scotland, we may see new things happen when new people are involved in the […]