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Exodus 12:1-30, Psalm 114 Tremble O Earth

On Remembrance Sunday, we remember the sacrifices people made in World War 1, that ended 100 years ago today. However, it’s hard to know the reality of war when you weren’t there. Before Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples remembered the first Passover 1300 years before when the Israelites first marked their doorposts with the blood of […]

Mark 13 Watch!

In February 2017, the Daily Express ran an article saying when Donald Trump became President of the US, it signalled the end of the world, citing 1 Corinthians 15 v 52. It has been common throughout history that Christians (and others) have predicted the end, be it through an environmental disaster brought on by humans or […]

Mark 9:30-50 Serving not sinning

We are called to serve and not to sin. This week, Donald Trump became the President of the United States. The oath he took talks about ‘leading’. In his leaving speech, Obama spoke about the joy of serving the American people. Jesus led and served – he wanted his disciples to do the same. He […]