Loving God, his people and our community

Acts 18 v 18-19 v 31 What does church look like in Ephesus?

You know what you get in McDonald’s anywhere in the world – a burger, fries and a coke – it’s familiar. But how do you know a church? A church building is recognisable and how christians behave can be familiar the world over. There is a danger, however, when building churches that we think it is straightforward – a church is planted and it grows – but we need to remember two things:

  • We have to submit to the will of God for the progress of our church and everything else in our lives –  we have the scriptures and the Holy Spirit just as Paul had and he was led back to the church in Ephesus.
  • The good news of Jesus Christ changes people – in this passage we learn about Apollos, people who had been baptised with John’s baptism, people in the synagogue, the disciples and Demetrius. All these people needed the Holy Spirit to change their lives. By the grace of God we are saved.