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Exodus 20 v 15 The 8th Commandment

Do not steal.

Stealing means taking what does not belong to you. What would life in the UK be like if there was no theft, no insurance fraud, no benefit cheats? There would be no need for insurance for cars or houses, for example. Pastor Jeremy Ross unpicks how this commandment applies to so many parts of our lives.

In Malachi 3, the people of Israel are accused of stealing from God. Having idols also means stealing from God the glory and praise due to him. In Exodus 22, it’s about protection of property. In Deuteronomy 24, it commands not to withhold payment from the poor because this can become theft. Titus 2 teaches slaves not to steal from masters.

Life becomes better following God’s commands. We do not need to steal anything because we are His. What a privilege that is.