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Joshua 9:2 People with awkward stories

In this passage, the Gibeonites play an unsophisticated ruse on the Israelites. We can learn lessons from what happened:

The need for discernment – an open door is not always the right one. The Israelites made a a mistake – they did not pray to God before making their alliances

Guard against complacency in life – I have prayed decisions leading to a wrong path and doing things my way.

The need for integrity – They had made an oath to these people – under false pretences of course. We should live obediently in our mistakes. Godly leadership brings messy people in.

Choice – Flee to God for protection. Kings of the West fought them and the Gibeonites acquiesce and accept. They come to the people of God and hear the gospel.

Grace – We sometimes clean up our lives before coming to God. However, a curse can be turned into a blessing. God brings in the outsider. People with awkward stores, by grace.