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Ruth 4 The story without ending

The story of Ruth seems to come to an end in this chapter … or does it?

Boaz meets with one of Elimelech’s relatives who could  become Naomi’s kinsman-redeemer to continue Elimelech’s line. The man is interested in the land but when Boaz tells him the terms and conditions include marrying Ruth, he changes his mind. As was the custom in those days, he signs away his rights by taking his sandal and giving it to Boaz. Boaz becomes the kinsman-redeemer instead and takes Ruth as his wife.

Naomi rejoices when her grandchild is born – when she returned from Moab she asked to be called ‘bitter’ – but now she experiences great blessing.

Boaz did the right thing by honouring Elimelech’s relative’s rights. Reward and blessing follows. God’s plan comes to fruition through Ruth and Boaz – two generations later Israel’s King David is born and 30 generations later the Saviour Jesus is born.

The bond between Ruth and Boaz is made permanent through marriage. So the bond between us and God is made permanent through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Make that commitment to God and nothing can separate you from Him. God is a kind & merciful God. He forgives and cleanses us from our sin.