Loving God, his people and our community

Acts 10 The growing church

This passage describes the continuing work of Jesus Christ building his church, a church planted and growing throughout Asia. As God opens and closes doors in Dunfermline Free Church and as thousands of Syrian refugees head to the UK and to Scotland, we may see new things happen when new people are involved in the […]

Psalm 107 Praise for God’s rescue

It is not made absolutely clear when this psalm was written but it seems likely it is from the time of the Exodus when the Israelites were saved from slavery in Egypt. It can help us in situations in our own lives when we need God’s rescue. Give thanks to God for his goodness and his unfailing love that endures forever.

Acts 8 Surprises in Samaria

Tertullian wrote in 197AD “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church”. This passage in Acts 8 sees the church scattered after a great persecution breaks out. Philip finds himself in a city in Samaria where he proclaims the Messiah and meets Simon the Sorcerer. Peter and John join Philip and the […]