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Exodus 12:1-30, Psalm 114 Tremble O Earth

On Remembrance Sunday, we remember the sacrifices people made in World War 1, that ended 100 years ago today. However, it’s hard to know the reality of war when you weren’t there. Before Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples remembered the first Passover 1300 years before when the Israelites first marked their doorposts with the blood of […]

John 19: 16-30 It is finished

Can you think of a time when you have been spiritually exhausted, really really tired, say travelling, looking after a newborn, studying for an exam. Jesus has 3 words for us: ‘It is finished’. We are going to look at what ‘it’ is.

Joshua 9:2 People with awkward stories

In this passage, the Gibeonites play an unsophisticated ruse on the Israelites. We can learn lessons from what happened: The need for discernment – an open door is not always the right one. The Israelites made a a mistake – they did not pray to God before making their alliances Guard against complacency in life […]