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John 19: 16-30 It is finished

Can you think of a time when you have been spiritually exhausted, really really tired, say travelling, looking after a newborn, studying for an exam. Jesus has 3 words for us: ‘It is finished’. We are going to look at what ‘it’ is.

Joshua 9:2 People with awkward stories

In this passage, the Gibeonites play an unsophisticated ruse on the Israelites. We can learn lessons from what happened: The need for discernment – an open door is not always the right one. The Israelites made a a mistake – they did not pray to God before making their alliances Guard against complacency in life […]

Romans 14 Unity in the family of God

Small problems can cause massive damage. Paul talks about the issue in this passage. People from Jewish and Gentile backgrounds with a debit of love to each other. Then they come across a roadblock that affects their unity, over meat, the religious calendar and whether it was acceptable for them to drink wine.