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Ephesians 2:1-10 & Luke 15:11-24 Grace

The marvellous grace of our loving Lord. It means receiving the kindness of God, the opposite of what we deserve. C S Lewis was asked what made Christianity different from any other religion and he replied that with other religions you get what you deserve, but Christianity teaches that God sent his only Son to […]

Ruth 2 It’s grace you need

We saw in Chapter 1 that Ruth chose to stay with her mother-in-law rather than return to her own people. In Chapter 2, we see Ruth and Naomi in Bethlehem in a place of desperate hardship. But they discover that God gives grace – gifts we do not deserve – and that he has mercy […]

Mark 15 v 16-41 Behold the Lamb

Today we welcomed Rev Chris ‘Kiki’ MacRae from Kilmallie & Ardnamurchan Free Church who took our communion service this morning. He guided us through this passage in Mark 15 focusing on three things: the mocking that Jesus endured the darkness that came upon Him the confession made by one who observed how he died, the Roman […]