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Matthew 24:26-25:13 Who knows when?

What would you do if you knew the return of Jesus would happen today? Are you ready? We do things differently depending on how much time we have. We cannot know when Jesus will return only the Father knows. These verses contain a solemn message.

The story of the servant starts well he begins faithful and wise and is rewarded well. Then we switch to him abusing his position, thinking that the master is not coming back; for this he receives punishment going to a place of suffering for all eternity.

In the story of the bridesmaids they are asked to bring a lamp. They know the bridegroom is coming and they know they should be ready – five are ready, five are not.

If you have never trusted God or you are not sure if you’ve trusted, the solution is the same. Turn to God in faith and obedience and receive the free gift of salvation.